thank you!! :) i appreciate it! this is like only the second time i’ve been asked how i made something so i’m really flattered right now! :’)

i can try to do a fancy little tutorial-ish type of thing! a lot of it was me throwing textures on there and hoping for the best, i really only used 1 psd, the high pass filter 2x, smart sharpen, and two textures! but here goes:

NOTE: sorry for the grey lines on the borders, i used the screenshot tool to take caps of the pictures in ps rather than saving a lot of files.

  1. i took the original image and i resized it to 350px wide, since it’s not a high-quality photoshoot and i don’t like using topaz to make it look smoother, and i increased the canvas size to 500x550!
  2. since the image cuts off before the newspaper/her dress ends, i just made a new layer and used the paintbrush tool to fade it out, and used the marquee tool to copy her dress on the other side, pasted as a new layer, and flipped the selection to fill out the rest of her skirt.
  3. then i threw one of my psds on there and adjusted some of the layers for a slightly different coloring.image
  4. once i have the coloring on the  picture i usually hit command+option+shift+e (ctrl+alt+shift+e on windows i think?) to make a copy of everything you’ve done on the image so far and used the high pass filter set at 10, soft light with the opacity & fill lowered to around 50%, and then command+option+shift+e again, high pass, set at 1, soft light fill around 50% on it. and then i used command+option+shift+e again, but i used smart sharpen (settings: 66%, 0.4px, more accurate) on this layer and adjusted the fill to my liking. i learned this trick from emma and it’s honestly one of my favorite tricks to use so mad props to her!!image
  5. then i used one of stewark's textures from texture pack 29 and set it on screen. since it wasn’t quite big enough to cover the whole image, i duplicated the layer, hit command+t (ctrl+t on windows maybe?) to transform the layer, and flipped it vertically so the texture would be a mirror image. once you merge the layers, set it on screen and adjust the fill to your liking (i like adjusting the fill rather than the opacity). i took another texture from springbreakers’ latest texture pack (this one) and set it to screen, too! it looked like this:image
  6. and i didn’t want it to be so washed out by the texture so i duplicated the layer from before i added the textures and set it on top of the textues on soft light at 100%. and then it looked like it does now!
  7. and then i used dubiel and palatino linotype for the text! and that’s it :)

PLEASE like or reblog if you use this. and i must ask that you don’t make something exactly the same (i doubt you would but i am just throwing that out you) because this is really just a guideline of how i sometimes make my graphics!!

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